About Us

About Us
Sustainia is an e-business company founded in Germany and Taiwan in 2021 by Taiwanese and Franco-German co-founders, with the aim of selling and promoting truly sustainable products that are economic, social, ethical and environmental.
The Sustainia team have always been nature lovers. We often travel to different areas and countries to enjoy the serenity and beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.
During our previous trip to Bail, also called the Island of the Gods, and known for its breathtaking landscapes, we spent most of our time on the beach. One day we saw a completely different side to the beach, entering through a different entrance, and we were shown the unadorned reality. A beach lined with plastic litter spread out in front of us, stretching further along the coast and seeming to have no end in the distance.

After we had overcome the initial shock of this obvious pollution, we began to delve deeper into the topic of the threat posed by plastic to the environment and came to the sobering conclusion that scientific research showed that there are currently at least 15 trillion pieces of plastic in the oceans worldwide.
This means that there is currently not even a square kilometer of sea surface anywhere on earth that is not affected by this plastic pollution. This result and our own impressions were utterly disturbing. While most of us benefit from the splendor and beauty of our nature, we are not really aware of the collective human implications and negative consequences of our choices for what we love most, our beautiful planet earth, our home. After we realized the full extent of this threatening, sobering truth, we began to shape our behavior and our way of life more environmentally conscious in order to do our part for sustainable environmental protection.

This idea inspired us to found our brand - Sustainia. Our goal is to awaken and sharpen awareness of sustainability in order to use our common strength to protect and preserve our environment, nature and everything that is important to us.
To do this, we have introduced environmentally friendly products and brands that share these values ​​with us. In addition, we support companies that commit to acting more responsibly by not only caring for the environment, but also by assuming social responsibility and ensuring the well-being of employees so that they can earn their lives and their families with appropriate wages can secure.
We hope that you feel the same way and look forward to joining us on this path to the preservation of our beautiful planet.